Mission Statement

The HGRG is committed to the following goals, which form our Mission Statement:

  1. The HGRG aims to initiate and foster research in the field of Historical Geography; to promote discussion by means of meetings and conferences; to further co-operation between cognate disciplines and organisations; and to effect the publication of regular issues of the research series (in the form of either monographs or collections of essays).
  2. The HGRG aims to provide financial support (up to £1,000, in the form of direct grant-in-aid) to support a biennial co-HGRG sponsored conference. HGRG will also offer some organisational and marketing support for such biennial conferences. In exceptional circumstances, HGRG will also consider offering loans to assist in conference organization
  3. The HGRG aims to offer bursaries to support the attendance of postgraduate and recently post-doctoral but as yet unwaged members at conferences.
  4. The HGRG aims to offer grants to support individual postgraduate research.

At present these aims are met in the following ways:

  • Tri-annual newsletter: updating members on activities and the workings of the Group; publication of doctoral thesis abstracts
  • Regularly updated website.
  • E-circulation of news/events in historical geography.
  • Publication of the Historical Geography Research Series (established in 1979) which is designed to provide scholars with an outlet for extended essays, or collections of essays, of an interpretative or conceptual nature that make a substantive contribution to some aspect of the subject, critical reviews of the literature on a major problem, and commentaries on relevant sources. Typically, one issue is produced per year.
  • Annual HGRG Undergraduate Dissertation Prize.
  • Annual Undergraduate and Postgraduate Conference (‘Practising Historical Geography’).
  • Sponsorship of sessions at RGS-IBG Annual International Conference.
  • Postgraduate conference attendance bursaries.
  • Postgraduate grant schemes.
  • HGRG co-sponsored biennial conference organisation grant.

Membership is open to all those who subscribe to these aims.


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