Research Series

The Historical Geography Research Series is produced by the Historical Geography Research Group of the Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers). The Research Series is designed to provide scholars with an outlet for extended essays of an interpretive or conceptual nature that make a substantive contribution to some aspect of the subject; critical reviews of the literature on a major problem; and commentaries on relevant sources. One or two numbers are produced annually. Contributions to the series are always welcome. In addition to single or jointly-authored monographs, the Series welcomes themed conference papers or papers grouped around a topic of research relevant to the broad interests of the group. Intending contributors should, in the first instance, send an outline of their proposed paper to the Series Editor.

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Volume Title and Author(s) Price
46 130 Years of Historical Geography at Cambridge 1888–2018. Alan R. H. Baker, Iain S. Black and Robin A. Butlin *
45 A French reading revolution? The development, distribution and cultural significance of bibliothèques populaires, 1860-1900. Alan Baker £12.95
44 The Historical Geography Research Group: A History. Robin A. Butlin £12.95
43 Collaborative geographies: the politics, practicalities, and promise of working together. (eds.) Ruth Craggs, Hilary Geoghegan, and Innes M. Keighren.
42 Visual and historical geography: essays in honour of Denis E. Cosgrove. (eds.) Veronica della Dora, Susan Digby, and Begum Basdas. £12.50
41 Patronage and the production of geographical knowledge in France: the testimony of the first hundred regional monographs, 1905–1966. Hugh Clout. £12.00
40 Practising the archive: reflections on method and practice in historical geography. (eds.) E. Gagen, H. Lorimer, and A. Vasudevan. £8.00
39 Home and colonial: essays in celebration of Robin Butlin’s contribution to historical geography. (ed.) Alan Baker (University of Cambridge). £4.95
38 Negotiating colonialism: Gaelic reaction to English expansion in early modern Ireland, c.1541–1641. John Morrissey (National University of Ireland, Galway). £4.95
37 Chains on the river:  the Thames embankments and the construction of nature. Stuart Oliver (St Mary’s University College, University of Surrey). £4.95
36 Geographers engaged in historical geography in British higher education 1931–1991. Hugh Prince (University College, London). £4.95
35 Geographical education, empire and citizenship:  geographical teaching and learning in English schools, 1870–1944. Teresa Ploszajska (Liverpool Hope University College). £4.95
34 Colonial discourse and the colonisation of Queen Adelaide Province, South Africa. Alan Lester (St. Mary’s University College, University of Surrey). £4.95
33 Property ownership and urban and village improvement in provincial Ireland, c.1700–1845. Lindsay Proudfoot (The Queen’s University, Belfast). £4.95
32 A forbidding fortress of locks, bars and padded cells: the locational history of mental health care in Nottingham. Hester Parr (University of Lampeter) and Chris Philo (University of Glasgow). £4.95
31 London’s dreaded visitation: the social geography of plague in 1665. J. A. I. Champion (Royal Holloway, University of London). £4.95
30 A medieval capital and its grain supply: agrarian production and its distribution in the London region c.1300. Bruce M. S. Campbell (Queen’s University, Belfast) and James A. Galloway, Derek Keene, and Margaret Murphy (Centre for Metropolitan History, University of London). *
29 Flows of labour in the early phase of capitalist development: the time-geography of longitudinal migration paths in 19th century Sweden. John Langton (University of Oxford) and Goran Hoppe (University of Stockholm). £4.95
28 Nature and science: essays in the history of geographical knowledge. (eds.) Felix Driver and Gillian Rose (RHBNC and QMWC, University of London). £4.95
27 Nineteenth century trade union records: an introduction and select guide. Humphrey Southall, Carol Bryce, and David Gilbert (Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London). £4.95
26 A glossary of urban form. Peter Larkham and Andrew Jones (University of Birmingham). *
25 Distinguishing men’s trades: occupational sources and debates for pre-census England. Paul Glennie (University of Bristol). £4.95
24 The business of improvement: agriculture and scientific culture in Britain, c.1770–c.1870. Sarah Wilmot (University of Exeter). £4.95
23 People and places in the Victorian census: a review and bibliography of publications based substantially on the manuscript census enumerators’ books 1841–1911. Dennis Mills and Carol Pearce (Open University) and Rosalind Davies, Jo Bird, and Carol Lee (Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure). £4.95
22 The geography of England and Wales in 1910: an evaluation of Lloyd George’s ‘Domesday’ of landownership. Brian Short (University of Sussex). *
21 The Appalachian frontier: views from the east and south west. Robert D. Mitchell (University of Maryland) and Milton B. Newton (Louisiana State University). *
20 Register of research in historical geography 1988. (ed.) Kathleen A. Whyte (University of Lancaster). *
19 A chronology of epidemic disease and mortality in southeast England, 1601–1800. Mary Dobson (University of Oxford). *
18 The Military Survey of Scotland 1747–1755: a critique. G. Whittington and A. J. S. Gibson (University of St Andrews). £4.95
17 Seventeenth century Montserrat: an environmental impact statement. Lydia M. Pulsipher (University of Tennesee). £4.95
16 Late seventeenth century taxation and population: the Nottinghamshire hearth taxes and Compton Census. Tim Unwin (Bedford College, London). £4.95
15 Urban epidemics and historical geography: cholera in London 1848–9. Gerard Kearns (University of Liverpool). *
14 Register of research in historical geography 1984. (ed.) Kathleen A. Whyte (University of Lancaster). £4.95
13 A gazetteer of English urban fire disasters 1500–1900. E. L. Jones (La Trobe University, Australia), S. Porter (Kings College, London), and M. Turner (University of Essex). £4.95
12 North American cities in the Victorian age. David Ward (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and John P. Radford (York University, Ontario). £4.95
11 Town and country in the development of early modern western Europe. John Langton (University of Oxford) and Goran Hoppe (University of Stockholm). £4.95
10 Spatial patterns of urban in-migration in late nineteenth-century Russia: a factor analytical approach. R. H. Rowland (California State College, San Bernandino). £4.95
9 Rural settlements: an historic perspective. Brian K. Roberts (Durham University). £4.95
8 British directories as sources in historical geography. Gareth Shaw (University of Exeter). £4.95
7 Parish registers: an introduction. Roger Finlay (University of Manchester). £4.95
6 Sources for Scottish historical geography: an introductory guide. I. D. Whyte (University of Lancaster) and K. A. Whyte (University of Salford). £4.95
5 The Fordham Collection: a catalogue. M. J. Freeman (Jesus College, Oxford) and J. Longbotham. £4.95
4 Register of research in historical geography. M. Trevor Wild (University of Hull). £4.95
3 Medieval Irish settlements: a review. Brian Graham (Ulster Polytechnic). £4.95
2 The Ordnance Survey and land-use mapping. Brian Harley (University of Exeter). £4.95
1 Social protest in a rural society: the spatial diffusion of the Captain Swing disturbances of 1830–1831. Andrew Charlesworth (University of Liverpool). £4.95

* Out of print.

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